Contractors Hill Jungle Juice

1 fifth or 75 cl

151 Bacardi or Everclear (190 proof) or Vodka, or 1 quart 95% pure grain alcohol. from Section "I"

64 oz Fruit Punch or (1 large can each Cranberry, Orange, Pineapple Juice) replace orange juice with red grapefruit juice if desired.
64 oz Sprite or 7up or Gingerale
1 lb Hacked up oranges, cherrys, berrys, other fruit you like if you want them
5-10 lb bag of ice
Stir all ingredients together in a proper capacity igloo cooler and dip out drinks. Replenish throughout the weekend. The flavor of this drink is enhanced by drinking it in the parking lot overlooking The Cut at Contractor's Hill.

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