Added to the site Nov/12/2001

5-6 lbs. white fish (ie: corbina, red snapper, grouper, or snook)
3 Tablespoons salt
6 oz. white apple cider vinegar
4 large onions
6 hot peppers
1 qt. fresh lime juice

(1) Dice in 1/2 inch cubes removing all dark meat. Put in large glass dish.

(2) Finely dice onions and hot peppers including seeds.

(3) Fill a gallon lidded glass caserole; layer alternating fish and diced vegetables; with each layer add some vinegar and salt and the lime juice making sure the liquid covers top.

(4) Place lid on the caserole. Let stand for 2 hours and then refrigerate overnight. Ready to serve when fish is all white.

Lillian's Basic Corbina Ceveche from 1942 - made in 2010