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 Record Group 185-G (CD # 1)
Volume No. Date Copied Comments
RG185-G V01   03/01/2003 Early construction and some buildings.
RG185-G V02   03/14/2003 Buildings, digging, slides, blasting, trains, machines, dredges, and tugboats.
RG185-G V03   02/01/2003 Maps, etchings, construction, dry docks, pacific terminal
RG185-G V04   02/03/2003 Naval flotilla, Balboa construction, buildings, submarines, ships
RG185-G V05   02/06/2003 Causeway, Amador, marine lights, Balboa, Roosevelt, locks, digging
RG185-G V06   02/08/2003 Locks operation, blasting, floods, houses
RG185-G V07   02/13/2003 Locks construction and operation, ships, HMS Hood,
RG185-G V08   04/09/2003 Albrook paving, Gamboa dyke blasting, TR visit
RG185-G V09   05/13/2003 Hydrographic stations, ships, houses
RG185-G V10   02/15/2003 Naval ships, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, aircraft carriers.
RG185-G V11   05/29/2003 100 commercial ships

 Record Group 185-G (CD # 2)
Volume No. Date Copied Comments
RG185-G V12   05/11/2003 Ships, Colon fire, Alantic side, Shriners, Hotel Washington, pueblos, Colon hospital
RG185-G V13   05/15/2003 Churches, Christobal, Commissary, Fire Department, Panama City
RG185-G V14   01/14/2003 Old Panama, Panama, Balboa, Carnival, Taboga, trains
RG185-G V15   05/16/2003 Trains, Gorgona, Empire, San Miguel, Churches, restaurants
RG185-G V16   05/16/2003 Hospitals, buildings, trains, motorcars, clubhouse, stockades, towns, quarters
RG185-G V17   05/30/2003 Madden dam, police, pay, ferry, people, spillway, quarters
RG185-G V18   05/31/2003 Madden dam, spillway, quarters
RG185-G V19   06/06/2003 Torro point, Limon bay, Coco Solo, Gatun Dam, submarines, quarters
RG185-G V20   01/15/2003 Lock construction, submarines, Porto Bello, mosquito control
RG185-G V21   06/09/2003 Madden dam, ships, Constitution, dredging, submarines, people, clubs
RG185-G V22   06/09/2003 People, Roosevelt, charts, rail schedule, Commy, ceremonies, Fire & Police, etchings
RG185-G V23   05/30/2003 Isthmian Airways, block prints, big game fish, french period

Record Group 185-HR (CD # 3)
Volume No. Date Copied Comments
RG185-HR V1   07/07/2003   Digging drydock #1, Balboa terminal, new shops, foundry
RG185-HR V2   06/21/2003   Drydock #1, pier #1, coal pits, Balboa shops
RG185-HR V3   06/21/2003   Balboa drydock number 1 and shops
RG185-HR V4   06/22/2003   Drydock, gates, approach, terminal
RG185-HR V5   06/22/2003   Drydock, suction tunnels, cassons, unloader wharf
RG185-HR V6   07/02/2003   Coaling plant, damaged equipment, unloader towers
RG185-HR V7   07/07/2003   Breakwater, repair plant Coco Solo, Toro point drain
RG185-HR V8   07/07/2003   Hercules and Ajax, test lifting, cranes

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