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Volkswagen Ramble

Howdy Guy,

You must have bin drinkin too much of that thar rum, me 1966 Volkswagon Bug was fantastic. Great milage, heat sure did work great, foot room since I am a shorty, I liked that car. I was single, foot loose and a roamer, got me all over the state and into Alabama. Maybe I was one of the lucky ones................
Happy Holidays.......


My experience is like yours -- 1963 Bug bought new -- Great car... I put 120,000 miles on it and the only thing I used was gas and oil... In the end I put a Porsche engine in it and raced it at Aquasco (sp) in Maryland winning several best in class trophies.. also twisting off axles until I replaced them too... When I sold it I got 33% what I paid for it new 'cause a guy wanted the body to make a dune buggy.

Leg room? Yep that too -- although at my acme I was 6' tall I have a 28" inseam :-(( That's why Pio Schultz, who has a 34" inseam and is 6'5" or so tall, and I are the same height sitting down.

Mine was bright yellow and one time attracted the attention of some Pagan gang members who f ollowed me home to tell me they truly liked the color (and to scare the s--t out of me)... They would pull up to me at lights and put their leaning foot on my bumper.

I just happened to be bringing my grandpa's double barrel shotgun home from Clark Brother's Guns and had it in the back seat... I also had a beautiful blond wife and 2 year old baby boy at home so when the were obviously following me I pulled in to an apartment down the block. I rolled down the window and with a dry throat asked what they wanted. The BIG guy (350# if an ounce) said they meant no harm, that he loved the sunny color of my car, that they had followed me 10 miles to tell me that. He said that they lived in a house 2 blocks away and that if we had any trouble (Landover Gardens and Dutch Village West, Maryland were bad in the 60's) I should come over to their place and they would protect us, "ME, MY BLOND WIFE AND KID". I later hung with them a bit and found they really had a thing for my little car and felt anyone driving such a conspicuous car was "good people". They were BAD guys but only to other gangs.

When some Pagans crucified a 1% biker girl in the late 60's they were driven out of the state by the law, even though they had nothing to do with it and, in fact, had voted and shunned the perpetrator to the 1% HAngels the victim had belonged to for "adjustments". The BIG guy I met the first day was shot by a fellow Pagan 5 times with a 25 caliber automatic during a card game. I went to their funeral near Baltimore, the BIG guy and the 2 guys he killed with his hands after they shot him. They were always nice to me and my ex-wife -- guess it was like being adopted by a clan of wolves... They fought each other but jointly protected their adopted pets.

I still see two of them from time to time in three piece suits -- they are now in the power structure of the Washington establishment and work on the Hill... "Guess they are older and wiser"... Go figure.


Note: names have been changed to maintain confidence. (-:
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