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A Birdseye View of Gamboa

chronicled by
Skip Rowley ~ July, 2003

I was in Gamboa two weeks ago and was the guest lecturer on board the cruise ship "Radisson Diamond", (I know, it's a tough job, but someone has to do it), and was able to stop at Gatun, bus to Colon and ride the new train to Gamboa where we were able to ride the new air tram (cable car system) to the top of the mountain just to the North of Town.

From there you have to walk up a square tower of over 100 ft which sticks out above all the trees and you can get a 360 degree view of the Cut, River, Town, Dredging Div, and up the channel a way until the next hill gets in your way.

Got to see the new Hotel while there. It's massive and new and nice, but I still liked the old Golf Club and the good meals that we used to get there. All of the old houses in Santa Cruz are all gone, and some other replacements have been built. The Gym is gone, but at least the pool was clean. The new crane "Titon" is HUGE!!!

Then back on the train and back to Colon. The train does 70 MPH for about 7 miles just north of Gamboa. It's quite an improvement over the old clickity clack train that we used to ride, but terribly expensive. $35.00 one way per person. Once back at Colon, we bussed to Gatun Yacht Club and tendered out the the Diamond and were off on the southbound transit.

Gamboa looked good from the ship. Even had Jet Skies zooming around. Then on to Costa Rica and back home to Tallahassee, Fl.

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