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Boating on the Chagres

chronicled by
Jessee Crawford

Oh, the good old days, and wouldn't you know it, I got to go on one "moon light" cruise before we moved to Canada. The "Southern Cross" could sleep 12 people, had a head "bathroom", a galley "kitchen", a ham radio and was powered by a diesel engine. The engine was put in "ship top shape" vs. "tip top shape" by some father/s who worked for the Dredging Division and if my memory serves me right he/they were master mechanics. Anyway, it ran great. We also had a 24' speed boat but that is another story.

Must have been the water in the Chagres River. Jumped off the Gamboa Bridge during the day and hunted alligators at night right above the bridge. There use to be a dock right up the road from the bridge we converted a 50' liberty boat into a cabin cruiser tied to that dock. I remember painting all the wood with a green "whitewash" to keep termites from feasting on it. It was as thin as water and the wood would soak it up in a heart beat. Of course, before we "painted" the whole boat green we had to scrape all the old grey paint off of it.

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