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181 Pollack Cottage

chronicled by
Carolyn Pollak Tyssen (For Photo - CLICK || HUGE - close to return)

The things I remembered about our "mutual cottage" (Carolyn Pollak Tyssen and Lyla "Lou" Womack lived in it at separate times) in Gamboa when I was there in 1999 was the same palm tree was still in the front yard but 30 feet taller, the foliage in the back going down the hill had grown so tall you couldn't see the "ridge" with the apartment houses across the way, the same garage door was still hanging there and the same clothes lines were still in the back yard--that's what you call lasting a long time!

As for Patriotism, I remember wearing a red, white and blue dance costume and tapping to "Stars and Stripes Forever" during recitals and entertaining the GI's. The thing that disappointed me the most besides the Gamboa Club House being torn down was the Tivoli Hotel being torn down. That really upset me as I wanted to show David and Marilyn where I spent a lot of evenings out with my parents and Irene and Lee Wright eating "plank steak".

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