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Gamboa News Issue
Jan. 27, 2002

chronicled by
Jim Shobe, Jake Baker, Lyla "Lou" Womack, Lou Jirovec

Dear Fellow Gamboeans......
Lyla "Lou" Womack
I have laughed and laughed as the stories have come in and call my mom who is ninety years old and tell her the stories over the phone. I wish you could hear her laughing as it certainly warms my heart because it brings her such joy. She loves to hear about the "Gamboa Kids," and remembers vividly some of the episodes. She still asks, ³Who put the dye in the swimming pool and who put the chain across the road during Halloween?² Now should we tell her to satisfy her curiosity that has lasted for at least fifty years?

I feel that we have just touched the tip of the iceberg in our stories. I thought I had finished writing all that I could and then someone sends in a story of something I had completely forgotten...then the roll starts again...thanks to you Jim.

Evoking Happy Memories
Jim Shobe
When I think about Gamboa certain things evoke happy memories. Sitting in Miss Starr`s 6th grade class and looking out the window daydreaming as I watch the rain coming over the hill and marching into town.

Walking out onto the railroad tracks of the bridge dropping down onto the concrete support piers and waitng for the train to pass over head belching steam and fire.

Playing monopoly at the swimming pool . Soaping up the benches in the pool dressing room and using them for slides. The thrill and rush I got when I built up enough courage to jump off the top of the diving tower for the first time.

Walking home after a movie with the fog so thick there were halos around the street lights.

Playing tag football in the pouring rain and mud.

Soaping up the benches in the pool dressing room and using them for slides. The thrill and rush I got when I built up enough courage to jump off the top of the diving tower for the first time.

I still yearn for the sound of a tropical downpour hammering on the roof as I fall asleep.

Sitting on the corner after a movie with friends.
The first time I rode the train into junior high.
Riding our bikes to Summit Gardens to raid the fruit trees. Listening to parakeets as they settle into a tree for the night.

This and friendships that have endured over the years might not enlarge my bank account but I treasure each and every one and am richer for the experence.

i am suprised that there has been nothing said about the xmas tree burns. I recall the fun of amassing great piles of trees and them protecting around the clock from xmas tree raiders and then the delivery and burning almost as much fun as xmas its self.

Favorite Teacher
Jake Baker
Vera Jones, was another teacher in Gamboa, she was my favorite. She and Alton, who were good friends of my parents lived close to me here. I visited with Vera, a short time before she passed away. I sure remember Miss Starr, she was stern and sure commanded respect. My memory is fuzzy but doubt I was a model student putting it mildly. Suspect she was glad to see me move on to 7th grade in Balboa.

Caught...Big Time!!!!!!!!
Lou Jirovec
We werenıt allowed to chew gum in Miss Starrıs class or any other for that matter... but I did one day. I sure hate to admit all of these childhood antics that I did... but I imagine some of you reading this might be able to identify with me? Dick Shobe at the same time was chewing gum. I wonder if this was after the war years because I know that during the war we never saw any bubblegum and it might have been true for gum as well. Anyway, the two of us got caught...big time! So Miss Starr made us put our gum on a piece of paper and told us we would have to stay after school. The chore we had was to number our paper from 1 to 100 and beside each number we would have to put a piece of gum. Now I had one stick of gum, but Dick had two sticks in his mouth when he got caught but the rules were still the same.

Piece by piece I tore that sticky gum from the wad and placed it diligently on the paper. While I was doing it I looked over at Dick to see how he was doing and he was pulling the gum apart into a long thread then cutting it by each number. I thought, "Now why didnıt I think of that?" When immediately Miss Starr glanced back at us. I froze but Dick kept on until her shadow was cast upon his desk. Then there was an abrupt stop! Miss Starr told him that he would have to take all of that gum off of the paper and start all over again. I think I got through before he did and I know that I never chewed gum in school ever again.

The above named or stories have not been protected to protect the innocent sooooooooo now itıs... your turn?

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