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Loveless on the Gamboa Road

chronicled by
Dick Shobe

During the years we rode the train to school the guys often hitchhiked a ride back to Gamboa. We would gather at the road that ran between the Balboa Train Station and Albrook Army Air Force base and wait for a ride. I was the last to get a ride on the day I met the Lady on the Harley Davidson. She came around the bend. I showed her the traditional hitchhiker's thumb and she stopped.

She pulled her helmet off and her hair fell down to her shoulders and I fell in love. I jumped on the bike, put my arms around her and away we went. I was "head over wheels" in love. In no time we were came on to Ft. Clayton where the guys sometimes stopped to pick ginups near the gate. I was praying that I'd see them. I was couldn't wait to give them a big wave as we cruised past. It was not to be.

We, all to quickly, arrived at the Gamboa road. She stopped. I got off. We said Goodbye. I watched until she disappeared around the bend.

Loveless on the Gamboa road.

Does anyone in the Boys and Their Scooters Club know the Harley Davidson Lady?

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