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A Swing Made from Scratch

chronicled by
Nancy Morency Jeffcoat, Jessee Crawford

Nancy Morency Jeffcoat
I lived in 106-A next to the Dunn's, Jackie, Terry & Bobby from 1947-1953 on Jadwin Avenue. We then moved up to 147 Harding Avenue next to the Cheeney's and Marczak. I can't remember the street at the end of Jadwin where the contractors lived either. Does anyone remember the swing set my Dad made next to our house at 106-A Jadwin? He made it front scratch with left over material he found after the war.

To Nancy:
Would you believe, while I was driving to work yesterday I was thinking about Gamboa and the "swing set" popped into my mind. I could not for the life of me remember who lived there but I knew it wasnıt the Dunns, because they lived on the other side. I donıt recall the Morencys living there but do remember you all living at, I guess, at 147 Harding Avenue. Didnıt your house there sit on a small hill/knoll that butted/ending at the street coming up from the grade school? I vaguely remember talking to sister Sandy from that street or did I dream it? Could you not see the Bartlett house 99B from your house? You, like myself, was the ³dark headed² one of the siblings. Your sisterıs had blonde hair and your had brown. You are the baby of the family are you not? I have pictures of you and your sisters in group pictures taken at the swimming pool. You canıt be more than 7 years old.

Ahh, the good old day. Jessee Crawford

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