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Pep Squad

chronicled by
Lou Womack

Remember the white sweatshirts with the bulldog ensignia on it and the red skirt uniform we wore for the Pep Squad plus the white loafers? Remember waiting at the train station in Gamboa to go to the games on either the Atlantic or Pacific side...maybe even practicing these songs and cheers?

On Balboa, On Balboa
Plunge right through that line
Take the ball from Old Cristobal
Touchdown sure this time
On Balboa, On Balboa
Fight on for your fame
Fight fellas, fight, fight, fight
Wečll win this game

Clap your hands and stamp your feet
Get in the rhythm of the Balboa beat
B-A-L-B-O-A, B-A-L-B-O-A

We got the T-E-A-M
Wečre on the B-E-A-M
We got the team, wečre on the beam
And wečre hep to the jive
Come on Balboa, Letčs skin 'em alive!

Balboa High, Do or Die,
Youčre the school that we all love
the best
Fight to win, Dončt give in
And youčll always stay above the rest
Red and white, May it fly
As the emblem of your team so brave
BHS you are the best, Wečll stay
With you to the end or die.

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