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Old Memories

chronicled by
Skip Rowley, Don Connor, Skip Rowley

Skip Rowley
The same clothes were worn in CHS and the same pep squad songs were chanted, except for the words, and the colors. CHS being substituted for BHS. In case you haven't figured it out yet, Having gone to school on both sides, I am loyal to both sides. Balboa usually had a better football team, mainly due to the fact that it had more kids to chose from. But Cristobal had a much bigger spirit, and had the best location for a school right on the Beach.

Don Connor
I remember there were soldiers stationed out at the Ammo Dump behind Santa Cruz during the war. There must have been a platoon and maybe even a company. They would come into the Clubhouse to eat now and then and take in a movie. I remember as a kid talking to some of the soldiers upstairs in the Clubhouse.

If I am not mistaken that is the reason the Quonset Hut was built at the end of the bridge. (later the BSA Shack) I think they had guards at each end of the bridge and they used it as a guard shack.

I have memories of a pontoon bridge being constructed up river from the main bridge. It started about were the Sea Scout Houseboat was later placed. I also remember during the construction of the pontoon bridge that they lost a truck into the river about halfway across. The bridge was not left in place very long and I think it was a practice run in case anything happened to the main bridge so they could get to the Ammo Dump if need be.

I think it was at this time is when they completed the back road to the Ridge, as I believe that was all water at one time back into where the pond was formed??

Skip Rowley
With reference to you question concerning the Atlantic side, There were eight military installations to my knowledge. Ft. Sherman on the west side of Lemon Bay, which operated all the heavy gun emplacements between there and Ft. San Lorenzo, Ft. Davis by Gatun, Ft. Gulic by Margarita, ( which is known today as Ft Espinar), Ft Deleseps by the Washington Hotel, Coco Solo Naval base, Ft. Randolph, and Galita Island area north of there for the Navy Radio Station, and of course, France Field. There was also a submarine net across the entrance of the Breakwater, and then the civilian town of Coco Solito, which was between France Field and 4 corners of the Transisthmian high way. If you want, you can add Coco Solo Hospital to that list, as there were barracks and housing for the personal.

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