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Pig Fights

chronicled by
Bill Campbell, Jake Baker, Mark "Jim" Driscoll

Bill Campbell
I can't believe how you are pulling this Gamboa thing togeather...I'm sure all of us have millions of stories to tell. When Jake Baker popped up it reminded me of when we were all really into raising guinea pigs....Jake was the center of it all his pigs usually had loads of young ones. We would all take our little pigs over to a pre-appointed buddies house and stage pig show-offs.. We often staged pig fights but.....they never fought. We would bring potatoes and cut them up and enjoy french fries at the fights. sounds stupid was great. I remember working my tail off for those pigs....cutting armfuls of grass every morning and every evening for their cage and all the care they took. I don't think kids today would take that responsibility for long....Life was great down there.

Jake Baker I'm pretty sure I got my guinea pigs from Dennis White, complete with a good size wire mesh cage. They sure did multiply fast. As Bill Campbell said getting the grass and cleaning up the mess was a big chore. This fad didn't last long for me and finding someone else that was fascinated with these critters to take it all was no problem.

After the guinea pigs Dennis gave me his homing pigeons complete with a nice house mounted on a pipe stand. He even had it put up in my back yard. I took pigeons as far as Balboa to see them come back home. Can't remember who inherited the pigeons.

Jim Driscoll Jake also gave me two Guinea pigs when I was about eight - they quickly multiplied to about 30 - Randy Trower made me a cage for them. I was told not to cut the grass for them with a machete - I never did as I was told and cut my finger with the it, hid the cut from my father to avoid a spanking, got blood poison and ended up in Panama Hospital. Upon my return from the Hospital all my pet pigs were gone - later the gardener told me he ate them, and how good they tasted!. I remember his name - Mr. Yard, who was also the caretaker for the chicken farm that Alton White and Randy Trower that was had located near the gravel pit.

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