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Chico - Rene's Horse

chronicled by
Mark "Jim" Driscoll

When I was about 7, Rene and Dennis White, who were about 12 - 13, taught me to ride. Alton White and my Dad had some horses, which they used as pack animals when they hunted out on the pipeline, that they kept at the Powder Magazine about four miles down the train tracks from Gamboa. Dennis brought one of the horses to town which we were suppose to ride the next day. When we went for the horse he was gone - he had a big neck and small head and slipped the rope. There were three of us with Chico - Rene said he would not ride because he had tied the knot therefore his fault. Dennis would not ride either because it was his horse who had slipped the rope. So they put me on Chico and off we went to down the railroad tracks to the Powder Magazine. Suddenly I saw a train engine coming at me, Chico and I in between the tracks and he didn't budge, I look back and see Dennis and Rene running towards us. Needless to say, since I am writing this, they got to Chico and I before the train and pulled us off the tracks. Chico was a great horse, either ridden or pulling the carriage, unfortunately his ending was sad - some idiot hunting at night with a jacklight shot him where he was tied down by the lower gravel plant.

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