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Rene, We Thought They¹d Never End....

chronicled by
Jay Green (Jeannette Collins). Lyla "Lou" Womack,
Dick Shobe, Don Connor, Jim Shobe

Jay Green
Rene and I were friends and he stayed with my family in D.C. in '51 before he went to Texas to college. Charlie Swisher died a few years ago. They both had scooters, too. Rene's had a side car on it. I graduated in 1950.

Lou Womack
Rene Fueille dropped by to see my mom and brother in Central Oregon a few years ago. I believe he is living in the valley on the other side of the Cascades. Harley Fueille and my dad grew up together and were lifetime friends. Some of the tales they told about their childhood would make ours look pale in comparison.

I remember that Rene had a great big hammock on the upstairs floor of the up and downer. I think one could almost stand up in it because the netting was higher than your head and you could loose yourself in it. We took turns swinging in it as one standing would push while the other would flip-flop back and forth in the hammock. It was so thrilling as the sweeps of the hammock got wider and wider. I must have been very small at that time to be buried in a hammock.

Dick Shobe
I too remember the Fueille's hammock. But I surely forgot how to spell their name.

The Fueilles moved into the cottage next to ours, built on the lot between our cottage and Mr. Lyon's "Geen Paint" duplex.

The Fueilles installed the hammock underneath their cottage. Rene and I got into a friendly kicking contest while in that hammock. He won, and it was a week before I could walk without limping.

A few weeks later Rene and I were riding his horse, he holding the reins, I holding onto Rene. I fell off pulling Rene with me, and it was six weeks before the cast on Rene's arm was removed.

Our friendship surrived.

Don Connor
I remember Rene Fueille, we hung around together. I also remember he had a horse before he had a scooter and I do believe his horse was the first one I ever attempted to ride. Use to help him cut grass for feed.

Bill Campbell
I must have lived one house from jay green on (gravel alley) ,we lived next door to the Lowreys in our duplex. The Ellises lived across the yard from them. Ida Harrison right accross the street. No one could forget the Harrisons. Then we moved to Sibert Ave. in 1943, up to ³Campbells Corner².....Yeaaa....

One time Harlan Fueille and my dad had Rene and I out somewhere in the bush and they told Rene and I whoever could hit (something) in a tree could have a silver dollar.....and I was chicken to shoot the 12 gauge shotgun. ( I still can't believe that) but, I was only about 7. Of course Rene won the dollar. Harlan spent alot of time teaching me to fly-cast before I went up to the scout camp in the volcan. Never did get to go fishing up therethough....Oh!!! We used to have those guinea pig meetings up at Renes house too....

Jay Green
I well remember the horse and buggy that Rene had. He took my mom and I to the commissary in it, ONCE!! Going down the hill toward the ball field there was a short cut down the hill and he decided to take it. I remember my mom bouncing all over the place and letting Rene know what was going to happen to him if she survived the ride. Needless to say, she did not ride back with us.

Jim Shobe
Rene`s horse was named Chico. He and I made a sled out of barrel staves and plywood. We took Chico down to the playground behind the elementary school and tied the sled with a long rope to the saddle. What great fun it was like aquaplanning over grass. Wasn`t too great when you fell off.... lots of grass burns and cuts.

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