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A Horse Is a Horse of Course

chronicled by
Butch Hope

Jim Driscoll will recall many adventures we had together. We used to ride horses all the time, he on "Pal," the palomino that I think belonged to Burt Mead, I on "Viejo," the old bent-eared pack horse that belonged to Jon Snodgrass. I also rode Jay Applebee's "Charlie," and he rode "Prince."

One time when we were coming back from Summit, "Pal" kicked back at "Viejo" b ecause I was probably too close to his rear, and caught me on both my kneecaps, lifting me out of the saddle and putting me on the ground. It was a while before I could get back up, with Jim's help, to continue going across the bridge into Gamboa.

Another time we were riding double on Jim's BSA, and while going down Cerro Campania (Spelling?) on the way to Santa Clara for Easter, we hit a horse that just wouldn't get out of the way, and after we got up, Jim grabbed a big rock and went chasing that horse into the bush, with murder in his eyes, for causing the bike to get its forks bent.

I could go on forever, but I'm afraid I would have to take "The Fifth" on some escapades I was involved in.

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