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Gamboa Womens Club

chronicled by
Louise Womack, Doris Ehrman Monaco
Jay Collins Green
Photos~ Compliments of Mark "Jim" Driscoll

Louise Womack
This picture was taken at the Gamboa Golf Club. (Click your choice Small or *BIG* Close picture to return here ) It was customary for the ladies to dress this way when invited to a tea. This particular occasion happened to be a fashion show. The dresses were obtained from stores in Panama City such as Felix Madurošs and others. The commissary had nothing on this order for the women to wear."

Jim Driscoll
The women I recognize: Louise Womack on the left with the Hat!, next Mrs Peterson, Evelyn Morrison, - Ana Ehrman in the middle with the large hat, Mrs Campbell nest to her, - My mom sitting and Mrs Clayburn next to her, Chris Phelps, Minnie Greer. In the back are Mable Cooke, Mrs. Herring, Amy Fraser, Betty Malone, -- , Mat White, Lee Trower. I also see Mrs. Alton Jones below Mrs. Herring.

Doris Ehrman Monaco
Some names in the picture are Mrs. Webster, Mrs. Cooke, Mrs. Frazier, Mrs Herring, Mrs. White,Mrs. Hearne, Mrs Betty Malone, Vera Jones, Mrs. Claybourne, Mrs. Ehrman, Mrs Goldstrohm, Mrs. Felps, Mrs. Hope, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Fletcher., Mrs Peterson, Mrs. Trower, Minnie Greer and these I name not in order.

My Mother was the President of the Women's Club. They had a fashion show and it was at the Civic Center that they had their functions. You are right about Felix Maduro

There are others I recognize but having a "senior moment" prevents me from saying. Maybe some of you recognize a Mother.

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