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Hey Coach!
Coach Henry Grieser!

chronicled by
Bob Connor, Lyla "Lou" Womack, Jay Green (Jeannette Collins)
Skip Rowley, Carolyn Pollak Tyssen

Bob Conner
I wonder if any of you remember coach Henry Grieser that used to direct the Red White and Blue troupe. He would get the Gamboa kids to put on water shows and boxing matches. I remember getting to get on some of the ships that came though the canal and putting on shows. He was a character. He would announce everyone as the greatest 10 year old and the kid would tug on his pants and say coach I am 11 and then he would correct himself and say the greatest 11 year old.

One of the best shows was Violet Scott boxing. No boy would like to box her becaue she was so tough. We also had some kids that performed. He would put on a big show. The service men would love it. Kids would go into his office and say coach Grieser I just made 25 free throws and he would give them a dime for ice cream cone.

He drove a Henry J. and we would all pile in the that car to go to another town to play baseball or what ever.

Lyla "Lou" Womack
My dad taught me how to swim at the Gamboa Swimming Pool but Henry Grieser taught me how to dive off of the lowest board. What an accomplishment that was to lean over, clapse my hands together and let my body fall into the water with my head first instead of feet.

Jay Green (Jeannette Collins)
Any members of the Red, White and Blue Troupe out there?

I still have my badge that I used to sew onto my swimming suit. I got polio and Coach Grieser spent many an hour working my legs in the swimming pool. He was using the Sister Kenny method polio treatment. We didn't know it at the time, but Sister Kenny is one of my ancestors on my grandmothers side of the family. I think we went to every base on the Zone to put on shows for the service men. I remember that the Navy had the best food. Have some of the pictures of that time that my mom saved. Hey you all!!!!!!!

Skip Rowley
Oh yes, Lanny Gunn's father and my mother (Sara P. Gunn) were also in the red White and blue troup and swam under Coach Grieser. I have a few old photos of my mom at various Troup swim meets. But not being a good computer person, I have no idea how to scan them in and transmit them so you will just have to drop by and check them out.

Carolyn Pollak Tyssen
Can anyone remember that Coach Grieser moved to Ireland when he retired because his wife inherited some land and money there and you can't take any of that out of the country. Don't know how long he lived there or if he died there.

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