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Aqua Plane before Skis

chronicled by
Jay Green (Jeannette Collins), Jim Shobe, Lyla "Lou" Womack

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Jay Green
Jim - do you remember the boat my dad had? The Popeye. He made an aquaplane and alot of us used to go up and down the canal behind the boat. One time you decided you wanted to put me on your shoulders - forgetting that I outweighed you by quite alot! After numerous tries I finally got on your shoulders and we were going along great until my dad pulled the rope that stopped the aquaplane momentarily and then started up with a sudden jerk and we went flying.

Jim Shobe
Yes Jay I do remember that trip and also the good times playing pinochle with your parents . They were so patient with me while I was learning. Later on after Noralie and I were marrried we used to play Pinochle with Bud and Betty Malone as well as Jo and Lloyd Kent what great times.

Lyla "Lou" Womack
We used to aquaplan behind Mr. Parker's "banana boat". It was probably with Lucy Driscoll, Eileen Bleakley, Mary Dillon, Sherri Parker and Arden Cooke.... there could have been some boys along too...memory fads in that respect, but maybe yours won't.

To aquaplane was quite a feat. I never tried standing because we didn't have a rope to hold onto. The boat just pulled us as the water would tower over our heads. Years later I learned to water ski in California and loved it probably because of that experience. But you know us Gamboa kids lived in the water all the time. People in the states are amazed that we didn't have any airconditioning with that tropical heat...but we knew how to beat it didn't we?

It's funny when I think back about how it wasn't too dreadful falling in the water and waiting for the boat to come back and get me, however when I later skiied on the Columbia River up here in Oregon I had a completely different feeling. I fell in the water at this particular time and had a chill run through my whole being...for I had just seen "Jaws."

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