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A Scary Hunting Experience

chronicled by
Bill Campbell

Actually there wasn't a place around that I didn't know about because I spent years exploring everywhere on the canal and up the Chagres. One place I didn't experience was the graveyard over in the Mandinga River. I used to go over there and get off the boat by the bridge and go on the trails hunting.

Actually David Sundquist and I used to go over there every Saturday morning at 3 A.M. to hunt until daylight. One time I was over there and had taken my brother Jack who was seven. I was hunting pidgeons and so had very light shot in my shells . (# 8) . When a huge ocelot came walking out and sat down right beside me. I just put the barrel against his head and ....brought him home with me. He weighed almost 100 pounds. (SCARY).

Then on the way home we caught a neckie (agoti) swimming the river and brought him home as a pet, but he excaped that night. Anyway....many adventures!

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