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Gamboa News Purpose

chronicled by
Lyla "Lou" Womack

The purpose of the Gamboa News is to reunite our long ago, but not lost friendships. Your individual stories are priceless and your generosity in openly sharing them with all of us just proves the bonding we had with one another then and continues up to now.

Even though, for some of us fifty years of silence has lapsed from our last contact with one another, as yesterday and today meet once again those years in between are forgotten as the past is brought into full view and relived.

One line, one picture or one story starts unveiling the cast cobwebs over the mind and a picture of yesterday becomes as real and as vivid as the present now...thus a story is born. The choicest treasure however is not the stories...but YOU who are the story.

As we pour our hearts into these stories, future generations will not look on the vacant field that once housed the "Clubby", nor the empty lots that used to be our 12 Family quarters called the Dust Bowl, nor a commissary in shambles. Instead, as they read of our lives, they will wish that they could have had such a life as ours was, way off the beaten track, in that little town nestled in the jungle called.... Gamboa.

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