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A Little Bottle of Mosquito Lotion

chronicled by
Bill Campbell

Actually Jimmy Suddaby found the 1 1/2 hp. evinrude outboard in the dump and then (probably found out it wouldn't run) and sold it to me for $5 . I showed it to my dad and he went in to Noveys in Panama and found a magneto for it and in a few days had it running like a clock. I always knew that probably irritated Jimmy that it came back to life in my charge..Ha!

I remember that I made a trip over to Casey Hallšs house, (police sargent in charge of the river) and asked him if it was ok to use the motor on a panga . He couldn't tell me it was ok, as I was only around 10 yrs old, but he said, "Just don't let me catch you in the canal!"

Jim Fulton had 2 outboards 3/4 hp. each. We made up a harness so we could steer all three motors with one handle. You would hear all this noise and we would come by doing about 3 mph. I was up the Chagres one time coming back from Ponevacs in a storm and ran out of gas .All I had was a little bottle of mosquito lotion so I poured that in the tank and came home on beat rowing.

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