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Gallery 4, Album 5
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Helen and Lambert Kat my parents Don Kat and Bob Askew Marion Bradley Linkh - BHS 1961 23 Mar 1992 wedding, l-to-r Jimmy Bradley, Diane Stephenson Bradley,
         James Bradley, Kim Bradley, Michael Bradley

1989 Panama, Marsha and Don Kat 27 Mar 1946, Roger Kat and Irma Kat, my birth mother Lynn Howell (BHS '64) and Roger Kat Summer 1964, Diane Stephenson, Delores Stephenson,
         Lynn Howell, James Bradley, Major ?, new Taboga Hotel

Xmas 1963, Goofy Falls, l-to-r ?, Laurel Walton, 2nd row ?, 
             Joe Pedrick, Al Smith, Bob Cowart, 3rd row Pete Richards, ?, ? Adela Gerardi, BHS 1963 Lynn Byerly and Roger Kat, 1967 Roger Kat and Joe Bazan, Spring 1966-Miami

Xmas 1963, Janise Cheshire(CHS) with Roger Kat at Goofy Falls Roger Kat and friends Joe Bazan at Hoover Dam San Blas indian postcard

Roger Kat, Colin Corrigan, Debbie Wilder Corrigan - Dec 1999, Tarpon Club Mike DiSalvo - Christmas 1988 Mike Livingston, ?, David Zemer Roger Kat scaling a palm tree, April 1968

Pete ?, Bill Boner, March Adair, Scott Williams, Don Kat - 
             second place April, 1965, Cayuco Race Canal Zone Bwys - Scott Williams, Pete ?, Rick Williams, 
           Don Kat, Bill Boner My stepbrother Kevin Bradley with Bob Askew, late '50s Coming soon Coming soon Coming soon

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