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Bob Askew & Jan Steward Cazden (wearing her gag teeth!) Judy Walton Davis ('67) & Emanuel Sledge at the great Saturdaynight dance! Our pollera & montuna gals: Marjie Malone Cancil, Connie Zemer Bumgarner, Judy Walton Davis ('67), Pat Pratchett Cavazos & Marta Calleja Biggs Pat Pratchett Cavazos & Marjie Malone Cancil Sue Hibbert Ketner & Anita Creque
Bob&Jan Judy&Emanuel Marjie,Connie,
Pat&Marjie Sue&Anita

Candy Anderson Quinn, Marge Cohen Brigadier and Michele Meyers Winstead Class photo (maybe half of BHS '66ers at the reunion):<br>Standing rear row: Craig Halliday, Dennis Watkins, Rupert Turner, Milt Short, Bob Askew, Chuck Beardall, ?, Duke Wilson, Marge Cohen Brigadier, Jim De La Peña & Michele Meyers Winstead<br>3rd row standing: Emanuel Sledge, Alan Wells, Debbie Fade Yaeger, Ed Wiese, Sue Alves, Jan Jensen Noethe, Linda Woodruff Weir, Olga Lagassie Reyes, Sue Hibbert Ketner, Donna Searle, Helen Aanstoos, Anita Creque & Candy Anderson Quinn <br>2d row seated: ?, Muñeca Guibert Tanksley, John Hanna, Jan Steward Cazden, Monica Meyer, Leslie Dugas Firth, Edy Benitez Coy, Florinda Beechner Wells, ?, Edna McNeese Miles <br>Front row: Marta Calleja, Connie Zemer Bumgarner, Pat Pratchett Cavazos & Marjie Malone Cancil Bob Askew & Donna Searle Monica Meyer & Joe Bremer ('64) Michele Meyers Winstead & Terry Sprague Giles
Candy,Marge&Michele Class Photo Bob&Donna Monica&Joe Michele&Terry

Lucy Benitez See ('65), Rick Williams ('65) & Eddy Benitez Coy Panamanian tipico music and dancing group at the Sunday morning despedida Judy Walton Davis ('67) in pollera Panamanian conjunto playing musica tipica at the despedida Sheila Thompson Schonert & John Hanna
Lucy,Rick&Eddy Sunday Despedida Judy Conjunto Sheila&John

John & Vera Hanna John Rathgeber Connie Zemer Bumgarner Judy Walton Davis('67) & Mutt Calleja Biggs Alan Wells, Kathy Jane Wells, Bill Beardall(BHS '61), Michele Myers Winstead, Linda Woodruff Weir, Bob Askew, Debbie Fade Yaeger, Sue Alves, Scott Yaeger and Craig Halliday
John&Vera John Connie Judy&Mutt Hmmm..

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