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Tita (Clarke) Dunlap in her 1962 Caribbean Yearbook picture (Courtesy of CZAngels)

1977 Aunt Mazie Schwartzrock, Tita (Clarke) Dunlap, and 
             Gladis (Mammo) Napoleon 1964, April, Tita (Clarke) Dunlap at Gatun Lake, Gatun, Panama, CZ 1960's When Howie married Bev 1962-63 Tita (Clarke) Dunlap in Margarita Canal Zone.
		Barbara Clarke was still alive then.

~1991 Howie and Tita with Howie's daughter Amie at Canal Zone Society Reunion, Tampa, FL 1988 Tita (Clarke) Dunlap with her Uncle Leslie (Biff) Clarke, St. Pete, FL 1990 Tita with her cousin Curty Schwartzrock & her dad Howard L. Clarke, II Howard L. Clarke, II, Leslie Bastian (Biff) Clarke, and Randall Clark (brothers)

Old man Clarke (Howard) with another Xmas present.  Many thanks, at his home. Howard and Barbara Clarke in Miami. Taken the night after she was diagnosed with cancer 1992 Dad Clarke and Tita at one of the Pan Canal Society reunions in Tampa, FL ~1992 Lucky Dunlap, Tita (Clarke) Dunlap, and dad Howard Clarke, St. Pete, FL

Daphnie Downing and Tita Dunlap. Those were the days! Daphnie Downing and Tita Dunlap. Those were the days! Tita windsurfing on Gatun Lake, Panama, CZ 1964 Tita and Bev Clarke (Howies wife) This was taken in Miami when Tita 
            lived there after finishing beauty school.

1976 Tita (Clarke) Dunlap 1974 Tita during her first year married to Lucky in SantaFe, New Mexico Tita in dance class at Colon YMCA (100 years ago) 1990 Tita scarfing down

1991? Tita and cat Wichet in Gatun, Panama, CZ Tita and uncle Biff Clarke, St. Pete, FL Dad, Howard Clarke, Tita and Emma Lou in Howards home, St. Pete, FL Howard and Emma Lou's home, St. Pete, FL

1971 Tita in Panama Tita's Master instructor (black man) Estteban Singeon 1979 Tita and stepmother, Emma Lou Clarke, St. Pete, FL 1973 Belen, New Mexico.  The first year Tita and Lucky were married.

Jan 1977 Tita performing Feb 1972 The day Tita and Lucky were married Tita in El Valle Mutcotte tangerines on the left & navel oranges on the right in dad Howard's yard

Howie Clarke and sis, Tita 1995 Tita's last birthday party in Panama.  Back porch of her house in Gatun, CZ 1993 Tita (Clarke) Dunlap. Photo by her husband, Lucky 1996 Tita's last Xmas in Panama, CZ

1996 Tita and Lucky's home in Glencoe, New Mexico 1996 Glencoe hummingbirds

Tita and a bunch of girlfriends decided to paddle 7 miles down the Chagres

1996 Tita when she first got up to Runsloso?

1996 Glencoe, New Mexico. Tita's husband Lucky on their front porch

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