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1a   Click This is the site at which to contact my son, a fine, honest, Criminal Law attorney practicing in SW Florida, primarily in Naples, Fort Myers, and surrounding counties. He was formerly an Assistant Public Defender for Collier County Florida and has excellent credentials to defend you in many areas of law. He has associates who specialize in all facets of law and will not disappoint you.
1b   Click Original Web Site from 1993 (Inactive since 2003)
1c   Click - Original Web Site historical Services and Costs
1d   Click Lawfirm of Ian L Clarke in Naples, Florida (work in progress).
2a   Click Original Web Site from 1993 - moved to GoZ (Inactive)
2b   Click Real estate agent friend who is with Century 21 in Ocoee, Florida, near Orlando
3   Click Pool company that built my pool in Belle Lago, Estero, near Naples, Florida
4   Click My appraisal company web site
4a   Click My SharePoint training company
5   Click My HOA for my Home in Estero near Naples, Florida.
6   Click Preliminary design for a Chiropractor near Naples, Florida.
7   Click Basic contact page for Piano tuner.
8   Click Chatham County, North Carolina, Confederate Veterans OnLine Website
9   Click Col. John Randolph Lane Society of Chatham County, North Carolina web site. Also under
10   Click An interesting philosophy to read and ponder. I give no guidance one way or another - just put it up for a friend.
11   Click An abandoned portal for a teenaged Civil War renactor.
12   Click SY-Science, an expired drug return company.
13   Click Lawfirm of John McGowan in Naples, Florida (prototype).
14   Click Lawfirm of John McGowan in Naples, Florida (work in progress).
15   Click SharePoint Users Group of DC
16   Click Doctor Oh - BioPhysics Chiropractor in Arlington, Virginia
17   Click SharePoint sandbox for SharePoint Gurus - use Userid=Client, password=123
18   Click SharePoint server based - backup of base site 8/2008/td>
19   Click Shadow Clan - LoTRO page (OBE - Overtaken By Events)2007/td>

Previously Hosted
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1   Click Grayhound Adoption group to help retiring dogs hosted in early 90s.
2   Click Hosted for Robert G. Friar, Jr. while he was moving from a .EDU (school) to a commercial site.
4   Click Hosted for my Former appraisal supervisor. Moved to for uninterupted hosting.
5   Click Rehosted after development.
6   Click Developed for Fairfax Police Captains Advisory Comittee before it was rehosted by the County.


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