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This page contains a "how to" cookbook for those of you who want to publish pictures from the Canal Zone for the enjoyment and education of others.

If you have any Canal Zone documents, magazines or newspapers you would like to have scanned and posted here, please contact me via the email below and I will arrange to get them from you scanned, posted crediting you, and returned to you.

Click on any image to view a huge version, close the window to return here.
  Click to see huge image The first step is to search through your album or photo stash for photos that logically group together. You may use 3M sticky notes to mark the place where you took them from in the album so I can replace them later. On each sticky note write everything you know -- or want to say about the picture, Identify where and when it was taken, names of anyone you know, and any anecdotes that goes with the picture.  
  The next step is to arrange them in the posting order you want them displayed on the page when I post them. They should be numbered sequentially on the sticky note. In this example they were already in order except for the last which I had to number so it became the first picture posted. You should then put them in an envelope (remember to put in cardboard stiffners) and mail or UPS them to me, To print the mailing address click HERE
and print that page. Close the window to come back here. 
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  Click to see huge image; The next step begins my work but I thought you would all like to know the full process. I take the photos and scan them on my flatbed scanner. 
  I then use one of my photo editors -- ARC Soft Photo Studio, Adobe PhotoShop, or Jasc Paint Shop Pro -- to crop out each picture and resize it to display properly. Normally I need to make two sizes, a thumnail and a standard size display for the browser window. In some cases I need to save a HUGE size as well in order to show minute detail.   Click to see huge image
  Click to see huge image Sometimes I use native HTML to build a page from scratch but recently I have taken to using canned software to build them for me. This removes the onus of building thumnail images and of resizing the images to fit the browser window. I have not yet settled on which one is the best for me.  
    Finally, I load the directories created by the canned software to my internet server. The page created as a result of this example may be seen by clicking HERE
If you have any further questions please   *EMAIL_ME* and ask them... :-))

We really need to take the time to do this for posterity because, face it, none of us are getting any younger. If we don't, many valuable memories may well be lost forever.
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Mailing photos:

Dale C. Clarke
PO Box 222893
Chantilly, VA 20153-2893


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and print that page. Close the window to come back here. 

For Graphic Artists:

  For those of you out there who have the ability to take and edit digital photos, below are the specs for submissions. If you have questions, please email me.
  Type----- pixels inches Resolution  
  Thumbs-- 100x80 1.3x1.1 72ppi  
  Full size-- 420x330 6.0x4.8 72ppi  
  Thumbs-- 180x240 2.5x3.4 72ppi  
  Full size-- 700x950 8,4x11.1 72ppi  
  Huge----- 1200x1600 17x22.5 85ppi  

When I use the AutoSiteGallery tool Huge is the only size I need. Can be vertical or horizontal rectangles or square. Actual file size will be between 105kb and 650kb. Most ISPs will only allow 1mb to be attached at a time so if you email images bear that in mind.

To ease my work, the filename should be (8.3 -- xxxx0999.jpg), e.g. image001.jpg or foto0001.jpg The 999 part of xxxx0999 should start with 001 increase through 999 max. extention should be jpg but gif is ok. I have a tool that will rename them so as long as they will sort in the order you want them in the album when sorted by name send them on.
One last point. If you email the images please send a readme txt file or email with captions corresponding to the filenames so I may best present your photos.

THANKS for your interest

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