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On August 30, 1998 I decided I would put together a net web-page devoted to the Zonians, an endangered species now spread all over the world.   Endangered since  in the 1970's, President Jimmy Carter and Panamanian dictator Omar Torrijos, agreed on terms by which ownership of the canal would revert to the nation the United States created with gunship diplomacy.  In exchange for US Battleship support in his presidential campaign in 1903 the US candidate for Panamanian   President, Amador, presented the US a treaty that gave the United States what amounted to perpetual sovereignty over a ten mile strip of land across the isthmus on which to build the Panama Canal.  We bought out the French, conquered malaria and yellow fever, built the Canal with 300 million plus dollars of US citizens money,   built the infrastructure for the country (roads, sewers, water system, etc.); in effect we made Panama livable and created a viable industry there.  But I digress; look for editorials later.

In 1979. when the treaty became effective, the Panama Canal Zone became the Panama Canal removing 'Zone'. Thus residents no longer have a 'Zone' in which to procreate nor from which to derive our "specie" name.   On December 31, 1999, this our former utopia vanished completely.

This page is dedicated to memories of those born in the former Panama Canal Zone and those transients who lived there and who call themselves Zonians.


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Proud to be an American, God Bless America
Sept. 11, 2001
God Bless America
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