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The Copyright statement at the bottom of this page applies to all materials on as well as ALL our hosted websites.
The policy on this page explains, amends, and/or extends but does not limit any existing explicit Copyright policies predating January 1, 2004.
Due to the complex nature of the US Copyright laws I want present in "Laymen's" terms the policy will follow when presenting images, photos, documents, Email rambles, Et. Al. for the education and enjoyment of visitors to our site.
For website specifically the thrust of everything we do here is to provide access to as much information about the former Canal Zone and the lives and environment of Zonians. Much of what we post will be our own material or rambles and reminiscences from our life there. When we post for others we reserve the Copyright for their material or rambles and reminiscences for them.

In many instances, the owner or author of material we present is not clear, cannot be proven, or the owner cannot be contacted. This is especially true for hosted sites where oversight is difficult if not impossible. Some of the material is imbedded in web sites that have no contact information, are obviously no longer active, and are often in danger of being removed or lost. In these cases, if the material is deemed of value for education and enjoyment of visitors to our site we will capture and post the material under the following auspices.

We hope this policy will satisfy the goal of allowing educational presentations while protecting the rights of material owners. If there are questions or if you have constructive suggestions as to how we might improve this policy please comment by clicking: ->> *COMMENT*
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