NARA Marines 1 - ~100 Images (2007)

  [an error occurred while processing this directive] visits since Feb 16, 2007.   I reserve all rights to the digital photo images for Dale C Clarke, the photographer of those images, and the photo album presentation for Dale C. Clarke. The photo content is public domain through the NARA. They are presented here for the education and enjoyment of users of

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NARA Marines 1 - ~100 Images (2007)

This is how the National Archives presents the photograph I digitize. They are glued on sorter index cards. I take digital images of each with a FugiFilm F20 and provide them on a CD. The captions are on the card.

This is another photo.

Ysing Photo Shop Pro X you can crop out and print photos like this one.

Here is a third image to show how the one megabyte image can be enlarged.

This is an 8X10.

This is close to an 8X10 that was cropped out of the left hand lower corner of the previous image.

The irest of the images have not been converted to gray-scale nor subjected to the graphoc cleanup I did to the others. They are just to show part of one box on Okinawa,

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