Alexander Wright Clarke 1989-2005

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Baby Alex, we miss you... Saint Gregory said that when the Lord's living creations have finished their tasks here on earth they are taken into His garden... My consolation is that Alex is now flying in our Lords garden and waiting for us to join him... We love you sweet bird...
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Alexander Wright Clarke was one of the Clarke family... He joined in everything

His job was to eat seeds...

To be always watchful for danger

To eat Grape Nuts cerial and broccoli and carrots...

Lettuce when spinich was not available

To defend against perils such as the wicked mirror headed bell, here seen trying to take over Alex's kitchen drawer... Note the plastic head saver in the top corner of the drawer...

Hard to picture in flight... Just too fast!

Mostly he just looked sweet and loveable...

Bathingwas a wet time for all -- done once in wine!

Did I mention watchful?

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