Allan Hawkins Album October, 2004

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Thanks to Allen Hawkins who provided these fine images

The former frech admin. building that now is occupied by Museo del Canal Interoceánico ( interesting place ),

I saw in one of your site a pic from the Iglesia de Aguadulce ( circa 1920 ) and this is the same pic but now.

Amador restaurant Pencas at night

This is a former military installation at Ft. Amador, by your photos it seems to me that was for a coastal defense artillery

This is is Restaurant Mi Ranchito in his new location at Amador

Area Bancaria at your left was the former Head Offices of Citybank at Via España Avinida

This is a panomaric view taken from Parque Anayansi in fron uf the USA embassy.

Gusromares was the former George Washington library building location

Edificios - was taken from the upper floors of Hotel Miramar

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