Virginia CZ get together at Mango Mike's
20 March 2004

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Going in to Mango Mike's in Alexandria, Virginia, 20 March 2004. The occasion was the CZ get together arranged by Ev Sellers.

left to right - Brian Mcnamee CHS 59, Ken Gerhart BHS 73, Mark Maravilla BHS 72

left to right - Mark and Patrice (Valle) Maravilla BHS 72, Pat Nossov, Bob Nossov BHS 72

left to right - Jean (White) McGinn BHS 49, Joe Valdez CHS 60, Martha Valdez, Wendel Allen, Charles McGinn CHS 45

Dorothy (Rowley) Gerhart, Jim Gerhart, Norma (Stillwell) Martin BHS 37, Rosemary (Millet) Gillead BHS 41

left to right - Ev (Menges)Sellers CHS 68, Tom Sellers CHS 59,
Bill and Connie Dawson, Barbara (Bonanno) Marshall BHS 69 and Fred Schrader BHS 69.

Ev, Bill and Connie Dawson, Barbara, Fred and Dale Clarke

When Dale left Mike's <blush>

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