Balboa High School, Panama Canal Zone
Class of 1963 40th Reunion
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  [an error occurred while processing this directive] visits since Aug 3, 2003.   I reserve all rights to the digital photo images for the photographer of those images, and the photo album presentation for Dale C. Clarke. This is for the education and enjoyment of users of and the BHS Class of 1963. Taken Friday, July 25th through Sunday, July 27th, 2003.

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Lewis French, Carlos Beechner

John Fitzgerald & Joan Crouch

Bill Eldridge, Eddie Lynn Lowande and sister (?) Kathy (?)

Leslie, Shiela, Diane Stevenson (napping?), Carlos Beechner trying to lean out of the picture.

Mac Lane, Roger Suarez, Bob Boring

Sue (Roberts) Mullins, Roger Suarez, Pat (Waters) Ryan, Nancy (Morency) Jeffcoat

Kaye Sargeant, Buttons Starkenberg, and Chris Skeie

Mac Lane, Sue (Roberts)Mullins and Bob Boring

George Fitzgerald, Flo Allen (CHS-63), Jerry Mann, Garth Feeney & Kaye Sargeant

George Fitzgerald, Pat (Waters) Ryan, Jerry Mann, Garth Feeney & Kaye Sargeant

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