Cristobal High School, Panama Canal Zone
Class of 1963 40th Reunion

  [an error occurred while processing this directive] visits since Aug 12, 2003.   I reserve all rights to the digital photo images for Tula Brown the photographer of those images and the photo album presentation for Dale C. Clarke. They are for the education and enjoyment of users of and the CHS Class of 1963.

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1 Andy Nicholaisen, Bill Huff, Ito Madison

2 Sue Barfield, Donna Rose, Zandi Zimmerman

3 Donna Rose

4 Zandi Zimmerman, Sue Barfield, Sandy Halladay

5 John Cronan, Sue Barfield

6 Sandy Halladay, Alice O'Neal Grove, Barb O'Neal Braun

7 Sharon Tully, Bill Huff, Cheryl Jackson Klein

8 Vaudie Robinson, Sharon Tully, Bill Huff, Cheryl Jackson Klein

9 Mrs. Ito Madison, Sandy Halladay, Alice O'Neal Grove

10 Zandi Zimmerman, Donna Rose

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