Reunion 2003 Catherine (Kunkel) Glinski Album

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This is an award ceremony in the Industrial Division Machine Shop at Mt. Hope, C.Z. #2 Willy Wertz, Lead Forman, Wood Shop, #3 Paul A. Kunkel, Sr., blacksmith. #5 Julio Hernandez, sand blaster leader, #7 Eddie J. Friedrich, Chief Foreman Machinist,Marine, machine shop, #8 Vincent Ridge, Forman, Wood shop. Back L-R #1 Roy Reinhart, Rigger, #3, looks like Denis (Buckshot) Gilbert, boiler shop or #4 Gordon Reif (told it is NOT), Planner and estimater, #7 Leonard Scranton, General Forman, Rigging Shop. If you can identify any more please use the *MAIL ME* at the page bottom to send the info...

I am told this may be posted elsewhere but as Catherine had an original photo I felt I'd post it... Richard Dillon reports: It is the "Great Slosh Over" in the 60s. The valves to the second step were open, when the lake walves were opened it resulted in a wave of water running over the walls. The Aid station down the hill on the east side was flooded. Anyone have more info?

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