Artifacts from the Panama Line, Zonian Cruise Ships

These are the two outer pages of the folder. This is a document I purchased on eBay in January, 2004. I post it here for all to share. I hope others when reading this album will decide to take the time to dig into those boxes and drawers and share the menus and other invaluable documents with others through GoZonian. Please do... ((-: -- Image 1

Panama Line - All Inclusive Cruise fares between New York-Haiti and Panama on the "S.S. Panama, S.S. Cristobal and the S.S. Ancon. Wonderful 16 panel (front & back) May 1, 1940 foldout brochure promoting their cruises. Brochure contains sailing schedules, stateroom deck plans, fares, deck and cabin photos, interior public room illustrations and a great (see partial scan) bird's eye photo of one of their liners with the New York skyline in the background. -- Image 2

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Purchased on eBay in January, 2004, this is the menu from the S. S. Colon. Wednesday, October 6, 1909, E. Hammond, Commander -- Side 1

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