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1 Attached is the plan for the Fortified Island on the causeway. The cruise ship dock is not there yet but the hotel on the left is under construction and the marina and shops/restaurants and the breakwater are there.

2 To get to the causeway these days you can no longer go through the 15ND and take a right around the golf course. The golf course is closed and all traffic must take the new street to the left. As you make the turn, after the circle that has the large Generals houses and before the now closed and boarded up Officer's Club, there is the new Versace Center. as well as a really nice restaurant. The center is going to be beautiful when they are through and lets hope it is soon as the Miss World is scheduled to take place there. These are the front gates to the Hotel and Center.

3 Passing the Versace complex and then the defunct Officer's Club you swing a left onto the causeway itself. Pavers have been added to make a lovely sidewalk, skate, bike, jogging trail on the right and quaint lamp lights. Palm trees line the sidewalk and there are wrought iron benches along the way. Since most Panamanians NEVER went to the causeway it is a popular day trip onthe weekends and the cars are bumper to bumper going in and out.

4 The beach house part of the beach is under repairs and you will see that there is no shark net now. The old cement pilings are still around though. The photo is a bit crooked as I took one from each angle and glued the together so you could get the whole picture.....

5 As you pass the beach approaching the first island on the left note the traffic. Also notice the Bohio's sen over the top of the cars. These are Bodegas. Why didnt we think of that? Cold beer and empanadas???? What better place to have them????

6 This pic was taken just as you pass the beach and the first island. Approaching the fortified Island....

7 So far this one has generated the most response...Lot of Golfers out there! J

8 Approaching the fortified island, Flamingo, you can see the marina on the immediate left and the little "mall" against the front of the islands trees. Swinging around the island on the very far left is where the new hotel is going up. The mall has several very good restaurants and nice shops.

9 Standing in the parking lot looking at the restaurants.

10 This was taken standing in the restaurant and looking across the marina to the Panama City skyline.

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