Don DeStaffino's Album 5
Color Post Cards

Atlantic bound freighter in the second chamber of the Miraflores Locks being raised fifty-four feet from the Pacific Ocean level to Miraflores Lake. Lock chambers are each 1000 feet long and 110 feet wide.

USS Missouri cautiously approaching the first step of the Pedro Miguel Locks as seen from the control house.

Administration Building -- Gorgas Hospital, Anco, C. Z. Constructed in 1918, this building houses the Administrative and Admitting Offices, Clinics and Operating Rooms of the 600 bed Gorgas Hospital.

Kuna Indian woman with her son, in colorful dresses and adornments, which are typical on the picturesque Islands of the San Blas.

Typical Indian woman from the picturesque Islands of the San Blas, in colorful dresses and adornments.

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