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Republic of Panama

View of Balboa, Canal Zone

El Prado -- Balboa -- Canal Zone. Beautiful palm-lined Avenue, leading to the Panama Canal Administration Building.

Gorgas Road -- Ancon -- Canal Zone with the Cathedral of St. Luke and Gorgas Hospital.

El Prado and John F. Stevens Circle -- Balboa, Canal Zone

The new Olympic Stadium "Revolucion" one of the most modern of the Americas in Panama City.

Summit Gardens -- Canal Zone -- a real tropical paradise.

Palo Seco Hospital, Canal Zone, opened in 1907, solely for the treatment of Hansens's Disease. A 120 bed facility located at the Pacific end of the Panama Canal is one of the three leprosaria under the U.S. jurisdiction. [Proceeds from the saleof these cards will go to the hospital's "Recreation Fund"]

The Tivoli -- Ancon -- Canal Zone The oldest public building in the Canal Zone in use. The Tivoli has been intimately connected with the stirring events of the history of the Panama Canal. Built in 1906, the Tivoli now operates as a Guest House for Panama Canal employees, their families and guests.

Balboa High School and Canal Zone Junior College, Lawrence Johnson Place, Balboa Canal Zone

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