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Gatun locks -- Panama Canal -- View from the control tower. One ship leaving towards Gatun Lake and the other entering the locks.

Panam Canal at Miraflores -- S.S. Nieuw Amsterdam entering the upper chamber of "Miraflores" (see the flowers) Locks from Miraflores Lake and Pedro Miguel Locks.

Entering the Panama Canal from the Atlantic, ships are raised 85 ft. in three steps through the Gatun Locks.

The Gaillard Cut of the Panama Canal, where ships are passing through at 85 feet above sea level.

Ships in transit of the Panama Canal viewed from the Contractors Hill with Pedro Miguel Locks and Ancon Hill in the background.

A lockage in the Panama Canal -- with smoothness and quiet efficiency, ships large and small, ease into the lock chambers ... with huge flood valves open, water fills the locks, raising the vessel ... silently the enormous gates open ... quietly the ship moves on.

A large tourist liner passing through open gates from one lock chamber to another at Miraflores locks of the Panama Canal

Gatun locks -- Panama Canal. Vessel in transit passing through open gates from one lock-chamber to another. At right stands the control tower.

Panama - Bridge of the world -- Heart of the universe

Panama - Bridge of the world -- Heart of the universe

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