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Central Avenue and 5th of May Plaza, business center of Panama City.

Downtown Panama City viewed from Ancon Hill is a thriving metropolis of charming Spanish Colonial architecture intermixed with the new and modern.

R.M.S. Queen Mary, former World's most luxurious Ocean Liner, passing under the Bridge of the Americas, after her visit to Balboa, at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, on her last voyage to California.

The Super-Tanker Orion Hunter, passing through miraflores locks of the Panama Canal. This 860-foot-long ship, with a displacement tonnage of 86,800 tons, is the largest tanker and paid the higest tolls of any ship to pass through the Canal. Four pilots and twelve towing locomotives were necessary to guide this gigantic ship through the locks.

Miraflores locks with a ship in transit through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean.

Ships in the Miraflores locks in transit through the Panama Canal to the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

One of the large bulk-carriers passing through Miraflores locks.

S.S. Coronia in Gaillard Cut. Steaming through "the Cut" also known as Culebra (snake) Cut, ocean going ships penetrate the spine of the hemisphere. Impressive rock banks give evidence of the terrific struggle of the Canal builders in blasting and removing over two hundred million cubic yards of material

Luxury liner Coronia Pacific bound in Balboa Basin. Rodman Naval Base in background with Balboa Shops and drydock in foreground.

A most difficult passing of two ocean liners in the 300-foot-wide channel at Culebra Cut.

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