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Frederico Boyd Avenue, Bella Vista, and Via Espana, with the Church of the Carmelite Fathers and the modern Hotel El Panama.

Frederico Boyd Avenue, Bella Vista, and Via Espana, with the Church of the Carmelite Fathers and a magnificant view of Panama City

This Church, built in 1916 by Rev. Thomas J. McDonald, C.M., is the Headquarters for the American Vincentian Fathers who staff St. Mary's Mission and have spiritual care of all the Catholics on the Canal Zone as well as parishes and schools in Panama City, Colon, and the Provinces of Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro.

St. Luke's Cathedral -- Ancon, C. Z. Beautiful St. Luke's cathedral situated in the heart of Ancon, Canal Zone, where many employees of the U. S. Government worship.

The Panama Canal Administration Building in Balboa Canal Zone.

Boa Constrictor snake from the zoo of the Jungle Warfare Training Center, Ft. Sherman, Canal Zone.

Macaw Parrot -- Since the days of the pirates the colorful Macaw has been one of the most sought after parrots of the tropics. Native of several Central and South American countries the various species are still found in abundance. Among the largest of parrots they have a very long tail, a naked space around the eyes and a strong hooked bill sufficiently powerful to crack hard nuts.

The Chase Manahattan Bank building located on Via Espana in Panama City is one of the impressive new modern buildings of the growing metropolis.

Latin America's most luxurious hotel - "El Panama". Each room with a private, planted terrace, facing blue Pacific or verdant mountains. Cabana Club Swimming Pool. Fishing cruisers, golf, horseback riding and sight seeing arranged. Air-conditioned public rooms. International cuisine. Dancing nightly. Tropical gardens.

The majistic El Panama Hilton, overlooking the blue Pacific and Panama City, proudly boasts of its 300 luxurious balconied rooms, open sky dining and dancing and its lush tropical patios and sunny pool.

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