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San Blas Indians dancing during festivities on the "Day of the Indians" on one of their many islands

Typical group of folklore entertainers, dressed in Polleras and Montunos, colorful national costumes of Panama.

A group of folklore entertainers, wearing colorful Polleras and Montunos, national costumes of Panama.

Santa Clara Beach from La Venta Point. Silky white sand beaches caressed by the translucent waters of the blue Pacific invite sun bathing, swimming and surf fishing.

Tocuman International Airport, main international airport of the Republic of Panama.

The Madden Dam Road, traversing the Canal Zone through the Forest Preserve. A magnificant aspect of tropical beauty.

The Thatcher Ferry Bridge across the Panama Canal -- Has a length of 6200 feet and is 200 feet above sea-level. It allows the uninterrupted traffic between Panama City and the interior of Panama, and is a vital link in the inter-American Highway.

Sunset behind the Thatcher Ferry Bridge across the Panama Canal.

Thatcher Ferry Bridge - uniting the Americas, spans the Panama Canal near its Pacific entrance.

The banana plantations of the Chiriqui Land Company extend to the neighbor Republic of Costa Rica.

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