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The Golden Altar, made of pure gold leaf over carved mahogany, was saved from destruction by Morgan's pirates in Old Panama in 1671 and transferred in 1677 by Augustinian Fathers to its present site, the Church of San Jose in Panama City

Fort Las Bovedas at the entrance to the Bay of Panama and the French Plaza.

Field Officer quarters, Canal Zone

Military Barrack, Panama Canal Zone - Standard Canal Zone 150 and 200 man barracks; most efficient style of architecture adapted to military life in the tropics.

Fort Clayton Hospital, Ft. Clayton Canal Zone - The most modern type of bed hospital, designed for maximum efficiency and comfort in the tropics. Nurses quarters seen in the foreground.

R.M.S Queen Elizabeth and the S.S. United States, two of the World's largest tourist liners in Cristobal Harbor, Panam Canal Zone.

Typical dwellings in a village of the interior of Panama

Two San Blas Indian Chiefs with their families, dressed in their finest regalia, always showing preference for the colors red, gold, and blue.

Festivities on the "Day of the Indians" on an Island of the San Blas

Primitive and picturesque are the Choco Indians of the Darien -- Interior of Panama. Their homes are built above the ground along the many rivers, where they live mostly from hunting and fishing.

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