Don DeStaffino's Album 2

  [an error occurred while processing this directive] visits since Mar 11, 2003.   These photos are from the collection of Don DeStaffino. He took them on his recent vacation. I reserve all rights to this hierarchy of digital copies for Don DeStaffino and for Dale C.Clarke as the designer. They are posted for the education and enjoyment of users of Click on an image for a larger image.

sample of color found by person doing the restoration

Taken from in front of the orchestra pit

Restoration work in progress of painting(see next image)

Room directly above main lobby(note 3 small windows in Main Entry image)

Taken of ceiling in middle of main seating area of theater

View of theater from rear of stage

View from third floor, left of stage

Church across the street from Nat'l Theater,
taken from 2nd floor balconey of theater

The main entry for the Nat'l Theater

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