Canal Zone Bands of the '60s

The Castaways 1966: Dave McDowell singing a ballad. (contributed by Dave McDowell)

The Castaways 1966: Jack Blair showing off his new Fender Jaguar, Echo chamber, and Twin Reverb - fresh in from the states! (contributed by Dave McDowell)

All the same Castaways (minus Ronnie Robinson) play for the CHS Class of '66 35-year reunion. L to R: Rich Hull, Tom Estrada, Chuck Weber, Jack (Dain) Blair, Dave McDowell. (contributed by Dave McDowell)

Teen Club scene 35 years later: Like a scene from a teen club, all the same faces, only 35 years later, The Castaways play for the CHS 1966 Class reunion in 2001. L to R: Rich Hull, Tom Estrada, Chuck Weber, Jack (Dain) Blair, Dave McDowell. (contributed by Dave McDowell)

'LOVECHAIN LOGO' The 'LOVECHAIN' became one of the last bands in the 60's....Dave McDowell, also known as "drifty", has lots of pictures.... See what follow.... (contributed by Bob Boring)

Lovechain - A 1967 newspaper article tells all about "Lovechain" - the "youthful new band" (except they misspelled Bob Boring's name). (contributed by Dave McDowell)

Lovechain - Dave McDowell pulls away from his father's house on Albrook AFB in 1968, heading for a Lovechain "gig", pulling a trailer full of all their signature matching blue-green, tuck & roll Kustom equipment (quite a novelty back then). (contributed by Dave McDowell)

Lovechain - Speaking of all that matching Kustom equipment, here it is onstage March 2, 1968 at the Curundu "Dome", at a BHS "Sadie Hawkins" dance. That's Dave McDowell in the back on guitar, Jim Napier with his cool Gibson double-neck, Sam McGuinness on bass, and Billy Foster on drums. (contributed by Dave McDowell)

Lovechain in March 1968 at the Curundu "dome" - Billy Foster on drums, Sam McGuinness singing and paying bass, and Jim Napier on guitar. (contributed by Dave McDowell)

Lovechain - Here's Bob Boring belting one out with Lovechain at one of the Teen Clubs - possibly Curundu. (contributed by Dave McDowell)

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