Canal Zone Bands of the '60s

'The Tempests' playing at the 'Governors House'. Feb. '64' Left to right... Bob Boring--singer, Donny Adams--drums, George Turner--lead guitar, Jim Napier -- rythmn guitar, Dave Larrison -- bass guitar -- Song.....'Jailhouse Rock'. Bob Boring played with the band only 5 months before joining the Navy with his best friend Mac Lane..The core of the band kept going.. (contributed by Bob Boring)

'The Tempests' playing at Panama Golf Club Aug '64'.. Left to right.......Ron Kersey--singer, Dave Larrison--bass guitar, George Turner--lead guitar, Donny Adams--drums, Jim Napier(turned)--rythmn guitar. Ron Kersey joined up with the Tempests for a few months after Bob Boring left...He had formerly sang with 'The Vicounts', a G.I. band that played alot at Fort Clayton Teen Club.....His trademark was being the one to introduce 'Louie Louie' to the Zone... (contributed by Bob Boring)

'The Tempests' with the NEW LOOK with new folks'... Left to right.........Dave Larrison--bass guitar, Donny Adams--drums, Glen Miller--singer/organ/guitar, Dave McDowell--rythmn, George Turner--lead guitar. The Tempests added 2 new faces with Glen Miller and Dave McDowell, but the core of Larrison, Turner, and Adams remained a driving force.....George Turner was one of the best of the best guitar players that came out of the Zone.....He passed away a few years back... We miss him.. (contributed by Bob Boring)

'Tempests' playing at Albrook Teen Club in April '64'. Left to right-------Boring, Turner, Adams, Larrison, Napier. This was the last job that Bob Boring and Jim Napier played with the Tempests.... (contributed by Bob Boring)

The "Strangers" era 1965-66 at the Balboa Teen Club. Left to right-------, John Millar - lead guitar, Buster Smith - rhythm guitar, Bill Foster on drums Probably singing "You really got me!" by the Kinks, Steve Christofferson - rhythm guitar, Steve Wellman - bass. The good old days...! (contributed by Bill Foster)

The "Strangers" era 1965-66 at the Balboa Teen Club. Left to right-------, John Millar - lead guitar, Buster Smith - rhythm guitar probably singing "Its My Life" by The Animals, Bill Foster on drums, Steve Cristofferson - rhythm guitar, Steve Wellman - bass. (contributed by Bill Foster)

In a picture from a BHS yearbook, The Strangers perform at a "Get Acquainted" dance. (L to R): Steve Christofferson, Dave McDowell, Donny Adams on drums, Buster Smith on guitar, and you can just about see Steve Wellman on the bass. Dave and Donny later left to join the Tempests, and were replaced by John Millar and Bill Foster. (contributed by Dave McDowell)

The Castaways 1966 (L to R): Jack Blair, Chuck Weber, Dave McDowell, Tom Estrada, Ronnie Robinson, Rich Hull (contributed by Dave McDowell) (contributed by Dave McDowell)

The Castaways 1966 (Top to Bottom): Rich Hull, Tom Estrada, Dave McDowell, Ronnie Robinson, Jack Blair, Chuck Weber (contributed by Dave McDowell)

The Castaways 1966 (L to R )(Back row): Ronnie Robinson, Jack Blair, Rich Hull. (Front row): Chuck Weber, Tom Estrada, Dave McDowell (contributed by Dave McDowell)

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